Async, with simple Analogy.

My last few weeks were busy writing some serious Async code in Python involving a lot of I/O involving two classes of devices next to each other. Ultra low-latency devices (e.g. Motor Drive signals)Super slow ones (e.g. USB Camera streams) During the way, I have picked up a few interesting facts about the Async paradigm … Continue reading Async, with simple Analogy.

Boost 🚀 your build-time by Dockerizing GitLab Runner

Automate Everything 🤖 (and, anything!) is all the rage in IT today. We are coding in an "extremely iterative" environment than ever before. Code-Build-Test cycles are getting shorter and shorter 💨(to minutes and seconds). Thanks to the CI/CD principles and tooling like GitLab, VSTS etc. For my personal projects, I extensively use GitLab Community Edition … Continue reading Boost 🚀 your build-time by Dockerizing GitLab Runner