Boost πŸš€ your build-time by Dockerizing GitLab Runner

Automate Everything πŸ€– (and, anything!) is all the rage in IT today. We are coding in an "extremely iterative" environment than ever before. Code-Build-Test cycles are getting shorter and shorter πŸ’¨(to minutes and seconds). Thanks to the CI/CD principles and tooling like GitLab, VSTS etc. For my personal projects, I extensively use GitLab Community Edition … Continue reading Boost πŸš€ your build-time by Dockerizing GitLab Runner

Voila! That’s how a Microservice was born πŸŽ‚

Have you ever wondered how and from where Microservices came to existence? Since the early days of IT, several interesting developments along with new learnings have caused the birth of Microservices what we know today. To know more, read on.. There is no single reason why Microservices are relevant in today's world. In fact, there are six fundamental forces which jointly … Continue reading Voila! That’s how a Microservice was born πŸŽ‚

Service-oriented 🍏 vs. Microservices πŸŽ

A lot has been said on the internet about how Microservices Architecture (MSA) is different from a Monolith. But, less was talked about how it differs/matches up with the most significant way of designing distributed systems today, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). With this blog post, I would like to share my observations - as simple … Continue reading Service-oriented 🍏 vs. Microservices πŸŽ

How ‘micro’ is a Microservice? πŸ”…

There are several definitions on the web about what a Microservice can do to transform monolith-heavy enterprises. However, less was talked about what a Microservice actually is and how micro can it be. The word micro in the context of a Microservice means single thing done well (irrespective of its size). That single thing could be as-small-as … Continue reading How ‘micro’ is a Microservice? πŸ”…